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Banana Box Wholesale Grocery provides salvage and wholesale name brand and private label groceries to “mom and pop” grocers, flea markets, auctions, and resellers, nationwide. It also provides new business grocery store opening consultations for new operators and sells wholesale food and groceries in banana boxes and case goods, (HBA) Health and Beauty Aids, and paper goods such as toilet tissue, napkins, papers towels etc.  

We deal with all major grocery store chain retailers at the wholesale level so we can bring you the best prices and the highest quality wholesale groceries. Banana Box Wholesale Grocery specializes in banana box merchandise and our banana boxes have a wide range of canned goods, cereal, boxed goods, sauces, juice, dressing, pasta and candy. 

Our banana boxes consist of shelf-pulls, overstock, close dated, closed dated slightly out of date and sometimes lightly damaged items such as creased or slightly dented cans but not on the seams or lightly creased or slightly crushed boxes. Our salvage grocery banana boxes are not cherry picked since they come direct to you from the reclamation grocery distribution center. 

Beware, some suppliers will bring their discount banana boxes into their warehouse and pick them clean of the profitable items and sell you the salvage for hefty profit, leaving you holding the bag. We don't do that and never will. Most every box has a wide variety of wholesale groceries. Our banana boxes generally have 5-7 cereal boxes and other boxed items which may feature 30 -50 cans and various candy boxes may contain 200- 300 candy bars or any combination thereof. Most of our boxes are mixed as they are pulled from grocery store shelves.

Having seen this business grow and the economy sliding, we have people calling daily who say “I can’t sell antiques for what I used to, my clothing isn’t moving”  They all want in the food business because, as we always say, “everyone has to eat."  - T. Watson

"Many people feel like something is dreadfully wrong in the economy and they are stocking up on food like there is no tomorrow. They are prepared for the worst but hoping for the best." -  Edward C.

"Great variety of groceries." - Brian W.

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