There is about to be a shakeup in the wholesale grocery industry. It's come to our attention that some who sell groceries have been pocketing the money and not fulfilling orders. There are ways to protect yourself against this type of fraudulent scam. Law Enforcement has gotten involved and will round up the perpetrators but it will take months, if not years to recover money from the victims of these unscrupulous operators. 
This shake-up will send a ripple through the supply chain and cause some wholesale companies and grocery stores to cease operations. You can be shielded from this by having the right supplier. if it sounds too good to be true or too cheap to believe, it probably is. BEWARE! 
You can have peace of mind and ensure against this by choosing a supplier who is nationwide and has the wholesale buying power that has proven timely over the years, through through credit crisis, and recessions . The good news, we survived and better times are ahead for the grocery industry and particularly at the wholesale and salvage grocery level. Banana Box Wholesale Grocery has a "Peace of Mind Program" which allows its customers in the grocery supply and logistics chain to insure against "food insecurity" by signing up for Banana Box Wholesale Grocery "FIRST FOOD OP PROGRAM."
By becoming a customer of Banana Box Wholesale Grocery, if a ripple in the food supply chain hits or shortages occur, you and your store and staff will be able to rest easy knowing we have you covered for grocery inventory. SIGN UP TODAY! Email us at: SALES@BANANABOXWHOLESALEGROCERY.COM

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