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The companies below are not in any way affiliated with Banana Box Wholesale Grocery. This newswire is provided as a service to those in the wholesale grocery business who do not want to make a mistake of ordering product from fly by night or less than honest companies. Sadly, we have seen companies and individuals taken for thousands of dollars. We wish they had opted to do business with us but people have a free will and we don’t twist anyone’s arm. I’m sure those that lost their money wished we had. 

We offer this information as a service to our customers who trust us. We place the information here so you are not ordering from companies who are out of business or who have potentially scammed unsuspecting out of their money.

Wholesale Amerxxx in Florida faces serious complaints from customers who wired money to purchase wholesale goods but never got them. BEWARE – Not only to the customers who ordered and didn’t get what they paid for but also to the perpetrator. 

Bank Wires sent from $1,700 to over $10,000. People never got the ordered goods. BEWARE and always proceed with caution. 

Our investigators discovered they’ve done this many times before,

since 2014. One customer paid for 6 pallets which he never received and filed a police report. We’re certain they’ll be getting a visit from the Feds before long. 

Some people don’t realize that when you use the bank wires and steal a customers money and don’t provide the goods, it is not only fraud,

but also wire fraud and theft. 

Also, the business below appears to be out of business. 

Banana Box Discount Grocery – (not affiliated in any way with us Banana Box Wholesale Grocery 

204 S Main St  P.O. Box 195 Hancock, WI

On another unrelated note, another scammer fraudulently used the name Banana Box Wholesale Grocery and scammed a company out of $24,000 in 2009. Her name was Angie Green and her partner was Mario. BEWARE. 

We take our customers orders, funds and businesses seriously. We will help you pursue fraud cases with one of our 2 investigative teams in Dallas, TX or Show Low AZ. If you have been defrauded in the grocery or wholesale industry, call us and we will provide a professional referral to the Dallas or Phoenix Division. 

We are “” – Your trusted source for banana box wholesale groceries since 2005. 

FYI – back in the early 2000’s before we got into the business, a foreign organized crime outfit infiltrated a large east coast grocery operation.  – Our team found out that the owner had to go underground until it all blew over. 

Know who you do business with, it’s important. Get to know us at  - Your friend in the wholesale grocery business since 2005. 

This information is deemed reliable but we do not guarantee the accuracy in the event cases listed had been settled.

Banana Box Wholesale Grocery™


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a catalog?

No, but we do offer the best

and cleanest boxes in the industry.

Banana boxes are mixed

with all kinds of food as well as some

hba and canned goods.

Do you have an e-mail list?

No, but you may email us and advise us when you are ready to order or have a question. 

How do I find out about your deals?

Please Email or call us

What is cherry picking?

That's when suppliers go through

loads from the reclamation center

and pull out the good stuff and sell

you the rest. We do not do that! Our

loads come direct

from the suppliers and/or reclaim


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Bank Wires and checks BUT WE DO NOT ACCEPT credit cards.

Do I need a dock to order pallets or

have truckloads shipped to me?

No. Many of our customers do not. It is

easier if you do.

How long does it take to hand unload

a 53' truck by hand?

With 7 people, a full load of 1152 to 1248 boxes

can be unloaded in 2 hours. Please do

not expect the truck driver to do any

unloading. The driver will give you an hour plus

 to unload so PLEASE make sure you

have enough help.

MAY I come and visit your operations?

Our operations are in SECURED FACILITIES 




"AS IS, WHERE IS." There are no

warranties expressed or implied with

the loads or individual items in the

loads. We are in the salvage and

reclamation business. We make no

guarantee or warranty, expressed or

implied, and without limitation, of

merchandise fitness or marketability.

All sales are final and as is, where is.

Can I come and see the loads before I

buy them?

Unfortunately, the reclamation

centers are not open for personal

tours; however, some loads may have

manifests available. your load will come direct

from the reclamation center. 

or the grocery facility.

What are your business hours?

We're open Monday - Friday from 8am -

6pm and on Saturday from 9 am - 12 noon.

Do you ship? Absolutely.

If you're looking for a truckload

quote, just call or e-mail us with your

zip code. Please remember to provide us

with the following info: Your Name, name of your business, 

Phone Number,  and Zip Code:

How much money can I make on a


Most of our customers look to at least

double their money. We've heard about

them making a lot more. It is hard work

but very rewarding.

Do you offer discounts to non-profit

501-C3 organizations?

Yes we do!

Can you tell me how I can start a food

ministry and become a 501-C3?

Sure, email us for details. We cannot

provide legal or tax advice but we will

point you in the right direction to

help get you started.

May I buy in smaller quantities?

In buying the salvage groceries- we're

shipping them direct from the

reclamation center. We have great

price on groceries. We now have the ability to 

SHIP LTL, less than Truckload. 6-12 pallets minimum.

To get around that, some of our

grocery customers have gotten

together with their friends and

ordered a truckload and split it

between two delivery locations.

Shipping is a little more expensive.

Please call or email us for a quote.

Please have the zip codes of the

delivery locations available when

you call or write.

Can I get a discount for buying

more than one truckload?

of course, email or call and we'll

fill you in on that.

Do you have any references?

For any customer placing an order

with us- we'll gladly send over the

contact information of our bank

manager and a customer or two

who don't mind providing references.

However, many of our customers do

prefer to remain anonymous and we

are required to protect their private

information according to our

privacy policy, just as we will safeguard your information.

What is your return policy?


WHERE IS." There are no exchanges

or refunds for any reason

whatsoever. There are no

warranties expressed or implied

with any of the groceries, HBA or


Can I become a grocery broker?

Sure, just email us, we occasionally

have openings.

Can you help me open a store?

We’ll sure try! We've helped many over the years do that.

Do you provide consulting?

Yes we do, our fee is hourly or

it can also be on a contract

basis. If you order your load

or loads from us, we will

provide consulting at $100.00

per hour. If you are not a

customer, our fees are $125.00

hourly.  - You may also opt to go 

on a consulting contract with us and in that case, 

your consulting fees will be refunded on your first order 

​or credited to your account, at your option.