P.O. Box Terms and Conditions of Sale 

This order is subject to Banana Box Wholesale Grocery Statement of Policies and Sales, the terms of which are hereby incorporated by reference. 

The principal terms are as follows: 

1. Approved Purchasers: Products purchased from Banana Box Wholesale Grocery may be resold either to primary market retailers or to swap meets or flea market vendors. Under no circumstances can products purchased through Banana Box Wholesale Grocery, be sold, exported or delivered to any customer outside the United States. Broker to broker transactions are permitted with approval of Banana Box Wholesale Grocery and such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. We will honor the confidentiality of your customer/broker relationship but should the customer approach us directly, we will notify you of such event and should you be unable to work out terms with your client, Banana Box Wholesale Grocery shall not held liable in the event your client switches from your brokerage over to Banana Box Wholesale Grocery. We do however, promise and guarantee that we will not seek out your customer or compromise your relationship in any way. 

2. End User Requirements: End users must have a licensed and inspected premises that operates on a year-round basis in an enclosed facility. End users are those businesses that sell directly to consumers. 

3. Advertise Product Categories, Non Manufacturer or Brand Name: Specific Manufacturer names and specific brand or product names should not be used in connection with any advertising or marketing in any media, whether print or electronic. Generic or Category product references are quite acceptable. For example, instead of advertising Gatorade®, you would need to say a “popular sports drink” etc…

4. Terms and Conditions: Our payment terms are very straightforward. All sales must be in the form of a pre-paid bank wire transfer (Federal Funds U.S. Only) or Bank Check or Cashiers check.  You are encouraged to simplify the administrative process for both parties and have your order paid prior to release.

5. Itemized Pallets: All items processed by Banana Box Wholesale Grocery that meet the manufacturer’s criteria are accumulated on pallets and comprised of a variety of products. These products include both canned and package foods as well as personal and household products. However, each pallet at times, may contain the products of a single manufacturer. For every pallet available for sale, we provide (in rare instances of sale, but not all) a pallet-packing list that gives the buyer an itemized accounting of the products and their wholesale value. We thank you for your interest in purchasing products from our suppliers and us. As you know, we represent 
and/or are affiliated with a wide variety of grocery and consumer packaged goods manufacturers who require that stringent quality assurance and marketing be applied before the goods can be offered for salvage sale on the secondary market. In addition, by meeting the requirements of numerous federal, state and local agencies, we help the manufacturers support their concerns about product quality and product safety. 

6. This letter summarizes our terms and conditions of sale and some of our principal policies. 

Because some end user customers that you supply may not be aware of our terms, we request that you read them carefully and then in turn, if necessary, communicate them to your customers who purchase our products. We implement these criteria only to protect your business and ours, not to limit them. 

7. If at any time you have questions about these policies or about the products, please call or email us. We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow. 

Welcome to the Major Leagues of the Salvage and Grocery Industry! Complete this with your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms herein specified by signing and returning it by U.S. Mail to our mailing address at P.O. Box 24 Weatherford, TX 76086. 

Very Truly Yours, 

Director of Operations 

Signed: Consignee:_____________________________________ Name of Business: Received by:____________________________________________ 

Signature Printed Name:__________________________________________ 

Address of Business:____________________________________________________________ 

Cell Phone:_____________________________ Amount of Warehouse Space_______________ Store Phone:____________________________ 

Square footage of Store___________________ Date: ____________

Please include 2 business references from the food industry or if a new store, 2 personal references. Also, please include a bank reference, salvage license 

(if required in your state), tax permit and IRS employer ID. 

Failure to include these items may delay your approval. 

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Banana Box Wholesale Grocery and it's affiliate companies sell wholesale banana box grocery pallets and truckloads from the leading grocery manufacturers nationwide which are acquired by the grocery reclaim or reclamation centers and scanned. Products are received, checked, categorized and placed into banana boxes and palletized for sale. 

Unsaleable products such as leaking, brutally crushed or otherwise non-saleable condition groceries are removed and excluded from the banana boxes and are not scanned in. We specialize in manifested grocery loads but normally most all inventory for banana box wholesale groceries does not come with a manifest. 

Companies & Pallets
Banana Box Wholesale Grocery and it's other companies, Banana Box Wholesale Groceries, Banana Box Groceries, Banana Box Distribution, Banana Box Grocery Distribution, Banana Box Grocery Surplus, Banana Box Wholesale Surplus, waive all pallet charges, which are $5.00 per pallet normally.

Payment Terms:
We accept company or personal checks and immediately ship upon clearance from our bank. We also accept bank wire transfers from your bank to ours. We will also require a copy of your license in your state you have which allows you to operate your business, store or stores. 
Prices are subject to change from day. Please call or email for the latest quote. (682) 229-7476
For further information please refer to terms of service, disclaimer of warranty, income disclaimer, and privacy policy. 

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