Banana Box Wholesale Grocery has over 13 years of grocery experience and is at the forefront of this rapidly changing economy. We work closely with our customers and our suppliers because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding expectations. So much so, that when several suppliers we dealt with in 2009 decided that they were going to send our customers loads that were less than what we believed they should be, we refunded the customers, ate the losses and immediately dropped those suppliers. We've been widely quoted in the media since our inception in 2006 and featured in articles in the Associated Press and other major syndicated newspaper outlets as grocery spokespersons. 
We believe in keeping our wholesale groceries affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget as much as possible. We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their wholesale grocery needs and personal food inventories for their stores and homes, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day. Banana Box Wholesale Grocery understands that one terrorist act or act of God could upset the grocery supply chain. With just in time (JIT) inventory at major stores and big box outlets, supplies of groceries could easily cause a severe shortage. These are scary and uncertain times, especially in today's economy. But, rest assured that we've helped clients with all types of backgrounds successfully achieve their hopes and dreams of having food security for their stores, customers and their own family. We want to help make that dream become a reality for you and your family.

Many of you have ordered from us since 2006 and we sincerely appreciate your business. In 2008, when the credit crunch hit, stores, owners and food grocery brokers were calling us in a panic due to short supplies.We were not leveraged so the crunch did not affect us. We came close to having to wait list our customers due to demand but we made adjustments to the supply chain and logistics and continued on with a no-wait wholesale grocery fulfillment sales policy. We learned that not all customers are alike. Some are honest, some are shysters and it is the same with suppliers. 
We found a company in 2008 who put us through the proverbial ringers to do business with them in order to help us with the influx of new business. We believed they were honest and carried very good products in TN. The problem was, aluminum foil and limited varieties just don't work in this business. I guess you could say, "they were all hat and no steak." We took 3 grocery loads back from 3 customers who just didn't like the lack of variety from that company. One of those customers was Amish. News travels fast in this business, despite the fact they have no phones, we were fielding calls from various Amish store owners from Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana and other states. Although the customer didn't like the variety on that load they bought in a pinch after calling us at 5:30 am, they didn't lose a dime. They also learned they could trust our company, Banana Box Wholesale Grocery. The Amish customer said, "you answered my call 2 hours before you opened your doors and you listened to my concerns. You refunded me even though our agreement said you didn't have to. I will always remember your honesty and will let my family and business partners in the Amish community know that you can be trusted." That is something we do not take lightly, your trust.
We have earned a reputation for being fair and honest. Load take backs and refunds just don't happen in this business, but when the Amish trust you, rest assured everyone else follows the lead. The Amish coined the term salvage grocery and started many of the salvage grocery operations you visit in the USA. 
We also help customers who have been affected by fly by night and dishonest grocery wholesalers to recover monies they wired to scam artists who took advantage of them and stole their money. We are in the right place to do that. One of my other business associates worked for the Justice Department for 20 years and his job was to recover assets and bring criminals to justice for the DOJ. If you have been scammed, we can probably help you as well. just give me a call.
In 2019, we still operate the way we did back then. We solve problems. We quickly solved that issue and no one has asked for a refund since, nor will they since our loads have the best varieties, are the cleanest in the industry and priced to move and make you more money. 

The economy will get better. We now have a new pro-business President of the United States and Banana Box Wholesale Grocery continues to provide the same level of service as we did at inception. We are your trusted source for wholesale banana box groceries, case goods, HBA, frozen, refrigerated foods and salvage bent n dent groceries. We have grown and we thank you for that growth. 

There are some really good suppliers in this business besides us and if you choose to do business with them, that's fine, but beware, in some cases, suppliers are not all the same. If you choose to do business with a supplier besides us, we'll be happy to supply an honest recommendation. We want you to stay safe financially and would rather see you do business with a legitimate competitor, than get ripped off by someone who is a scam artist. Of course, we would love to have your business and we will make every effort to earn it. 
We wish you the best in all your ventures. 

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