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BANANA BOX WHOLESALE GROCERY ​​Serving wholesale grocery stores, mom and pop grocery and salvage grocery stores. Never cherry picked, clean, shelf ready loads by the full and half truckload. Tired of bad loads? Deal with the leader.

​Ready anytime, coast to coast. Serving stores Nationwide since 2006. Featured in Major Newspapers including the Wall Street Journal. Deal with the leader.



Banana Box Wholesale Grocery

No waiting, case goods and banana boxes ready for immediate delivery at excellent prices!

Have you ever wondered what the dates on most food labels mean? You might find them on

canned items, frozen food packages, and even meat or poultry products. Does it mean that

the product is unsafe after that date?


It seems that Pennsylvania has become the outlet capital for more than clothing. Now it’s

groceries! Amish, Mennonite and even Quaker and Pennsylvania Dutch, Veterans and

average PEOPLE are opening banana box wholesale discount salvage grocery outlet stores

in the Tri-State Region and nationwide. Grocery shoppers who frequent stores such as

Amelia’s or other discount food stores are finding that their food budgets are greatly

stretched and a cart full of groceries can be purchased cheaper in such stores.

For those who are interested in making a business out of these salvage or mom and pop

stores by getting into the banana box wholesale grocery or discount salvage grocery

business, a manual is available for a nominal fee which presents the ins and outs of the

wholesale bent and dent and grocery overstock industry. This grocery manual is a must

for anyone who desires to become a grocery broker or open up a banana box grocery store

operation. These discount grocery stores sell in-date, near date, out of date groceries and

expired groceries. It seems that everyone after shopping at these stores wants to open one.

We found that railroad salvage, damaged groceries, banana box groceries, grocery

closeouts, surplus, grocery liquidators, grocery reclamation, grocery salvage, bent and

dent and salvage paper make up your areas of finding product.

Nothing however replaces a good broker or reclamation center relationship. Everyone

wants to know, how do I get into the business? There are no easy ways but we have proven

that an outsider can make it in the business and be very successful. As a mom and pop

grocery supplier or wholesale grocery supplier of short coded groceries and overstock,

you are the best friend the wholesale grocers have and are doing a tremendous service to

the grocery industry.

Amish Grocers have been very tight lipped but once you gain their trust will eventually

talk to you. That’s assuming they have the time. One grocery operator sells 32 loads a

month. That’s about 40,000 boxes a month. There is little time for talk in this business.

Running a grocery outlet is a full time job but the Amish and others have become very

successful by being open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.

Grocery Overstock Management and liquidation encompasses a number of areas

including; Canned Foods such as fruit, soup, sauces and bulk groceries such as flour,

cereal and pasta. Sometimes these stores are called Bent and Dent Salvage or Bent and Dent

Groceries. Most times the food will be In Date, but a percentage will be Out of Date or Close

Dated. Some dealers sell Expired Groceries, Shelf pulls and HBA. Most of the inventory

comes directly from grocery store chains such as Albertsons, Giant, Weis, Acme, Kroger and

many others. Sometimes, Grocery inventory buybacks occur or an insurance company ends

up with an overturned truck or tractor trailer and must reimburse for a loss.

Grocery stores sometimes suffer bankruptcies and must be liquidated. From our experience,

Pennsylvania Amish, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin Amish Grocery stores are thriving and

being opened by families or relatives. Other independents are coming on line fast as well.

Mennonites are big in the business and control a number of stores. Some have electricity

and some do not, but people come from miles around for the bargains and the fun.

Are You a Prepper?

You’ve seen the TV Show, Doomsday Preppers. People are getting prepared and some even

believe it might be the end of the world as we know it, while most others are a little more

optimistic. Being prepared has always been a prudent thing. Disasters can strike anywhere

and anytime. Even the U.S. Government believes that stocking up on 3 days or more of food

and water is prudent.

We’ve seen more customers who are not owners of grocery stores begin to order and stock

up on food. Sometimes, families go in together on a full truck load of groceries and other

times, they split a half truckload of banana box groceries, case goods or other

non-perishable food.

The Amish, Mennonite and just plain old Daniel Boone types are taking advantage of the

ability to stock up on food items such including Juice, Candy, Soup, Cereal, Gum, Snacks,

Soda Pop, Macaroni and Cheese, Instant Breakfast, Cocoa, Tea, Coffee. But that’s not all,

how about Cooking Oils, Breakfast Bars, Chips, Salsa, Hamburger Helper, Pudding, Water,

Drink Mixes, Power Drinks, Canned Goods, Boxed Goods, Tooth Paste, Canned Fruit,

Dry Groceries, and Beef Jerky. All of these products are National Brand Foods and

Private label Foods with long shelf life.

So the next time someone asks you if you are a doomer or if you are a prepper? Just say, no!

Tell them you belong to a food co-op that buys groceries by the truckload, cutting out

the middleman and saving you 50% to upwards of 70% off grocery store prices.

Our Banana boxes are always full, clean, clearly marked, sealed and ready for immediate

delivery from one of our many supply and reclamation facilities close to you.

We sell banana boxes and case goods in full truckloads with 48 boxes per pallet and

usually 26 pallets per full truck load and usually 1248 boxes total. If you require more

than a truckload, please call or email.

If you need less than a truckload, we can help you too. If you are seeking manifested

banana boxes, case goods or manifested banana box groceries,  please email or call us.

We are your source for reverse logistics and wholesale groceries.

If you are trying to open a new store or improve an existing one, please email or call us for

a no obligation consultation.

Banana Boxes generally consist of: Many in date products Close to Expiration Date, Misc

Items, Slightly Past Expiration Date, Shelf Pulls, Dented Cans, Overstock, Crushed Corners,

Razor Cut Boxes, and Label Changes featuring:  

CANNED foods







Soda Pop

Macaroni and Cheese

Instant Breakfast




Cooking Oils

Breakfast Bars



Hamburger Helper



Drink Mixes

Power Drinks

Canned Goods

Boxed Goods

Tooth Paste


Canned Fruit

Dry Groceries

Beef Jerky

National Brand Foods, GOURMET and Private label Foods

Don’t be fooled by imitators, we are the original Banana Box Wholesale Grocery(tm)

BANANA BOX WHOLESALE GROCERY - a CGAI firm (682) -229-7476

Email to: or

Are you a Veteran, law enforcement officer, unemployed, a displaced auto worker or just

simply ready to go into Business?

Banana Box Wholesale Grocery is offering a grant to you in the amount of up to $36,000.00*

(Never Repay) Veterans, law enforcement, under employed Program: If you are a veteran, a

family member of a veteran, law enforcement or first responder, or are unemployed or

under employed and would be interested in opening a grocery outlet, flea market or

otherwise sell wholesale groceries, please contact us via email and put GRANT in the

subject line of the email: *Our program will give you money to help you start your business.

We will grant you a total of up to $36,000 to use to apply towards inventory you purchase

from us in your store, flea market or wholesale outlet over a 3 year period. You receive up

to $1,000 off the price of our grocery loads for up to 36 months or 36 full truckload

grocery orders, which ever comes first. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. There are some

restrictions, but all Veterans automatically qualify. Family members of veterans also

qualify. If you are not a veteran, you may qualify for a $12,000, 3 year grant.

Here is how the program works: For every order you place (full truck load) we will deduct

$1,000 from every order you place over a 36 month period Back to work program for those

in The Auto Industry: If you are a present or former auto employee who is leaving the

industry or has been displaced due to the economy, you are entitled to a grant from our

company in the amount of $36,000 over a 36 month period. Our program will give you

discount money to help you start your business. We will grant you a total of up to $36,000

to use to apply towards inventory you purchase from us in your store, flea market or

wholesale outlet over a 3 year period. There are some restrictions but the program works

like this: For every order you place (full truck load) we will deduct $1,000 from every order

you place over a 36 month period. Everyone who can show proof of unemployment, job

displacement from the auto industry or a veteran, you automatically qualify.

New Customers who are not veterans, family of veterans, law enforcement, unemployed or

underemployed: Please accept our offer of extending you a $500.00 discount off the

purchase of your first truckload of our WHOLESALE GROCERY products. Not combinable

with any offer.

Void where prohibited. Subject to banana box wholesale grocery approval

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Food is a necessity of life! Everyone has to eat!

Are you fully prepared in the event of an emergency?

Is your store or family fully protected against food insecurity?

Is there a grocery business in your future?

Order by calling 682-229-7476

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